Zhuhai Dong'ao Island Marriott Resort profile

2024/7/9 2:10:19
The Zhuhai Dong'ao Island Marriott Resort is located on the bay at the northern end of Dong'ao Island in Zhuhai. It is backed by mountains and facing the sea, bordered by Xiaozhu Bay to the west, Dazhu Bay to the east, and Honeymoon Pavilion to the south. Embracing the gentlest sea area on the north bank of Dong'ao Island, it is a natural resting place that embraces nature, aiming to lead guests to enjoy the present, appreciate the spectacular and beautiful natural scenery, and create a luxurious experience that revitalizes the body and mind.
Zhuhai Dong'ao Island Marriott Resort hotel design incorporates the culture of Zhuhai fishermen and the concept of waterfalls in the rocks, creating the iconic building of the visual center of Dong'ao Island - Dong'ao Diamond, which blends with the natural landscape like a natural mansion standing on an island.
Zhuhai Dong'ao Island Marriott Resort hotel has a sea view guest room with an area of 45-248 square meters and three unique restaurants; A banquet event venue of 1883 square meters, including an 800 square meter banquet hall and a 450 square meter outdoor lawn, will add infinite fun to your gathering whether it is hosting a romantic wedding or an inspiration meeting. You can immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of a spa center, or sweat in a gym equipped with professional fitness equipment; Experience the wonderful parent-child time with the children in the children's club, or enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky while swimming in the endless outdoor pool.